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Pamela Jones - Watercolor Artist

Pamela Jones
Pamela and her cat, Feza

At the beginning of every Lenten season, I pray that I will be effective in expressing to others my faith in God and my love of Jesus Christ. My inspiration for fulfilling this prayer came during Mass on Ash Wednesday. I’m fortunate to attend St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where magnificent stained-glass windows filter rays of light high above the congregation. On this morning, the light that shone through that prism of windows was just too beautiful to ignore.

The year 2020 was the beginning of my 70s. Throughout my lifetime, I have never considered painting, nor have I ever owned an artist’s paintbrush or art supplies of any sort. Nevertheless, I was inspired to paint the stained-glass windows at my church. Soon after the Ash Wednesday service, I made an economical purchase of watercolors and brushes. During the time spent concentrating on image contours and vivid colors, I became more keenly aware of God’s beauty all around me.

Through watercolor, I have learned that a good representation of an object requires rich hues, visible light, and an eye for the smallest detail. I believe that our relationship with God is much the same. God asks us to appreciate the richness and beauty of His world, to let in the light of His love, and to seek His guidance in even the smallest detail of our lives. Because of His love for us, no detail is too small.

I am delighted that my watercolor paintings have brought smiles and joy to my friends and family. Above all, they have become a tangible expression of my faith and my love of God, which was exactly the answer to my Ash Wednesday prayer.

Hopefully, you will enjoy sharing my little collection of cards with your friends and family.

May God richly bless you.